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LovinPet Cotton Dog Pajamas..

  • Pure Cotton Dog pjs Safety: Cotton materials do not irritate the skin like other Polyester, wool, nylon, denim or other artificial or rough fibers, do not cause skin irritation, dermatitis and itching and some infectious diseases. Dogs after surgery are more suitable for pure cotton Large dog pyjamas, excellent protection for SKIN CONDITIONS, HOT SPOTS & ALLERGIES.
  • Four-legged design with elastic waist,allowing indoor and outdoor;No needs to worry about midnight potty breaks as our dog pajamas have an open belly for easy potty time.Different expressions and it's perfect for her/him to wear it to sleep or normal party or just taken photo with you.
  • The large dog shirts are made out of 100% cotton, which means they are super soft, durable and machine washable.
  • Snap button closure:Each pair of our dog pajamas is fitted with a set of snap buttons along the underside, which allows you to easily put the shirt on your pet and remove it when needed.
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