Alfie Pet Dog Scarf, Hat and Legwarmers


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This dog hat, scarf and legwarmers set is both functional and fashionable reasons for canines to do couture, and perhaps a bit of both in many cases. Dogs come equipped with their own external layering system, but some dogs have lighter layers of fur than others, and some are not genetically suited to the environments in which they find themselves transplanted. So your dog may be extremely uncomfortable with the winter temperatures just like you went outside without clothing. Now that you know why your dog should need any appeal, then let the fun part begins: shopping. Whether you are a hipster, a sports fan, or a perky prep, there is a sweater or jacket to sync up your dog’s style with your own. 

  • This listing is for size XXS. Hat: head girth 7" and is 4.5" long. Scarf: 13.5" long and 1.5" wide Leg warmers: 3.5" long
  • This set comes with a hat, scarf and four leg warmers
  • These soft and stylish accessories will keep your pet warm for this winter season
  • Simple to put on and take off
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