Anna Tear Stain Remover Gift Set

Anna Tear Stain Remover Gift Set

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Anna Tear Stain Remover Gift Set. Have you ever wished tear stain removal could work like tech support – where you have an experienced professional guiding you through each step of the process? Well, maybe you never really thought about it quite like that, but that’s essentially what this Tear Stain Remover Gift Set does. It includes all the tools you will need, plus a tutorial DVD featuring award-winning Persian breeder Laura Thomas as she uses the included Face Wash, Face Shampoo, and Grooming Powder to wash away the stains from one of her Grand Champions!

  • It really works – wash away tear stains (and your doubts) safely and naturally!
  • No more having to choose between DIY grooming vs going to a pro - be the pro!
  • Saves you the time and struggle of having to refer back to instructions – watch and groom at the same time
  • The best value for your money – gives you everything you’ll need and more
  • Includes a complimentary face wash refill so you won’t run out any time soon

Additional features:

  • Includes the world-renown Tear Stain Remover Large Trio – TWO 12 oz Face Wash, one 12 oz Face Shampoo, and one 8 oz Grooming Powder
  • Includes two pony-and-sable-hair grooming brushes to help reduce fly-away powder
  • Includes 100 disposable cleansing pads so you don’t have to risk contaminating your products or your pets’ faces with the germs on your fingers


Get our complimentary downloadable white paper on tear stains, their causes, and how to use our tear stain remover trio in the CB Product Perks section on this page.

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