Artisan Fossil Double Dog Feeder

Artisan Fossil Double Dog Feeder


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Artisan Fossil Double Dog Feeder. Featured in Real Simple Magazine the natural beauty and unique grain of this handcrafted wooden double feeder creates a rich sophisticated and chic look. Featuring a contemporary modular design with stylish square shaped white ceramic bowls. This elevated feeder was designed with your pet's health in mind. Elevated feeders significantly reduce spillage arthritic pains and discomfort while eating. The ceramic bowls are lead free removable and dishwasher safe which makes clean-up especially quick and easy.



- Two heavyweight lead-free stoneware ceramic bowls included

- Wood is water repellent and wipes clean

- Anti-slip cushioned feet for wood or tiled surfaces



XS: Feeder 12in. x 6in. x 2in. | Bowl 4.25in. x 4.25in. x 1.75in. | Volume per bowl 3/4 cup

S: Feeder 15in. x 7in. x 4in. | Bowl 5.25in. x 5.25in. x 2.25in. | Volume per bowl 1 cup

M: Feeder 22in. x 10in. x 6in. | Bowl 7.25in. x 7.25in. x 3.25in. | Volume per bowl 3 3/4 cups

L: Feeder 24in. x 12in. x 9in. | Bowl 10in. x 10in. x 4.25in. | Volume per bowl 8 3/4 cups

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