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Barber Shop Sport Dog Carrier Red Striped

Barber Shop Sport Carrier Red Striped

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Theres more than one reason why you should treat your pup to a HotDog Bag 1. They are so comfy! Designed with a soft shell and base that ensures your dog a super comfortable ride. The sides wrap around the your dog making her feel safe and secure. 2. They are safe! 3. They are stylish! 100% Handmade Reversible winter Fleece and Summer Cotton Mattress Key Ring attached Exterior Pocket Harness Strap for security Wash Separately by hand, easy to clean Sizes: XXS- 16.5 inches/fits a pup less than 5 pounds XS-17.5 inches/fits a pup up to 6 pounds S- 18.7 inches/fits a pup from 6-9 pounds M- 19 inches/fits a pup from 10-13 pounds L-19.7 inches/fits a pup of 14 pounds

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