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Black Champagne Palatial Pod Dog Canopy Bed

Black Champagne Palatial Canopy Dog Bed


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Black Champagne Palatial Dog Canopy Bed. This fully upholstered pedestal bed on 3/4" plywood is in luxurious shabby chic black chenille fabric with black crocodile topper and a thick satin padded base with sheik black brush fringe and black satin under lining. It has a removable shabby chic fitted black chenille cover on the top creating an intimate cave feeling.


The bed is a 5" high Bodacious Bucket in the same chenille with a super soft stuffed fur center. The Bucket is 2 pieces, an outer fully finished inside and out elasticized cover and the insert is a melange of fabrics and foams. This insert is cleanable inside bottom by wiping with a cleaner. Both the top cover and bucket cover pull off for machine washing in cold water. mild detergent and air dry. 

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