Black Onyx Paw Stretch Bracelet for Dog Lovers

Black Onyx Paw Stretch Bracelet

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Black Onyx Paw Stretch Bracelet for Dog Lovers.

Named for the Greek word for "fingernail" or "claw," the legend of onyx begins with a Greek myth starring Venus and Cupid. As Venus slept on a river bank, Cupid manicured her nails; each clipping that fell into the water was transformed into onyx. The ancient Romans believe the stone bestowed courage, and sent soldiers into battle wearing the protective stone. Today some continue to believe that onyx brings strength and protects the wearer from worry--while others love this stone for its classic beauty that can dress up any outfit. Features our easily removable paw charm!

  • 8mm black onyx beads.
  • about 7 inches (stretches to fit but should not be over stretched).
  • Sold in our recyclable PawZaar gift box, made in the USA with 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content.
  • Every gift includes a card featuring the photo of a shelter pet whose kennel your purchase helped to sponsor!
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