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Copper Spaniel Dog Food Canister

Copper Spaniel Dog Food Canister

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A bare countertop can be hard to fill, but the Copper Spaniel Dog Food Canister easily upgrades your home décor. This metal storage canister features a handcrafted hammered texture surrounding the copper metallic finish. This canister features a gold metallic emblem in the center with the label "pet food" engraved in it. The lid features a gold knob and gasket ring to create a tight seal. With a 104 fluid ounce capacity, this food safe storage canister is a beautiful way to store items such as your pet's treats or small toys. It is recommended that this metal canister be hand washed. Matching dog treat canister is also available. Size: 104 oz. (6.5" x 6.5" x 10" H).

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