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Cowboy Denim Hip Huggers Male Dog Bell Band

Cowboy Denim Hip Huggers Dog Belly Band


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$32.00 to $41.00


You know the embarrassment when Mother Nature compels the dear little fellas to sprinkle their "calling cards" all over the place... Solution: Hip Huggers - a new twist on an old idea. Made in the USA, each is a stylish statement for functional fashion. Boys will be boys (it's just the call of nature), and with extra-thirsty absorbent material in the right spot, he can be "Mr. Wonderful" in any social situation.

Inside, Hip Huggers are lined with buttery soft cotton flannel with a few extra layers of the super-absorbent stuff in just the right spot. And, there is enough extra room in the fit to use a liner, too. Hip Huggers have just the right space for a fit that is not crushing or irritating, but comfortable and secure. Hip Huggers are easy to take off and put back on when the need arises. Cotton means they are earth-friendly, and machine wash and machine dry easy to care for.

Cowboy denim with a decorative pocket and kerchief.

Sizes include Teacup to Large -- waist sizes from 8" all the way up to 28".

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