Crown Royale Triple Play Puppy Grooming Pack

Crown Royale Triple Play Puppy Grooming Pack


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Crown Royale Triple Play Puppy Grooming Pack opens the doors to a whole new ball game. Each pack contains three trial sizes of Crown Royale products of the same formulation for your specific breed coat type. These products produce the best results when used in conjunction. Try some today, and see the game changing difference.
Puppy Shampoo

  • Mild, non drying shampoo.
  • Gently cleanses coats.

Condition Plus, Concentrate

  • Delivers spectacular body and bounce.
  • Allows for fantastic control and sheen.

Liminator, Concentrate

  • Specially formulated odor enzyme eater.
  • Designed for complete removal of all traces of odor due to feces and urine.
  • Works on wood, concrete, gravel, upholstery, colorfast carpets.
  • Will not harm fabrics or grass.
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