Customized Dog ID Tag

Customized Dog ID Tag


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Never fear when Fido decides to go on his own adventure.  The EzyDog ID Tag will make it easy for any good minded citizen to alert you by simply viewing their ID Tag.  These ID Tags work perfectly to attach to the ID Tag Ring on the Double Up Collar, Neo Collar, Wide Neo Collar, Checkmate Collarand Quick Fit Harness.  They will also attach to the Chest Plate Harness and Convert Harness.  Now you can personalize your dog's custom ID Tag right here, right now!

  • Choose the Color of ID Tag.
  • Enter your Dog's Name (up to 12 Characters).
  • Enter your Phone Number (10 Digits).
  • Your Dog's Info on One Side and EZYDOG on the other.
  • Text is White.
  • Tag measures 1.5" x 1".
  • Customized products are not able to be returned.


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