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Designer 18" Pet Ramp With Step Aid

Designer 18" Pet Ramp With Step Aid

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$242.00Sale Price

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Give your dog or cat the independence they need, while saving your back a lot of pain from constantly picking up your furry friend.
A small investment in a custom built ramp or set of steps can save you thousands in vet bills and medicine. 

Awkward landings from high beds and even couches can cause undue stress and a great deal of pain on your pets hips, joints, back, shoulders, paws and more leading to early arthritis and dysplasia.

Approx. 18" high x 14" wide x 34" long. Perfect for dogs and cats from 2 to 80 pounds. Notice the wooden slats that act as a ladder for your fur babies. 

Our dog stairs and Doxie ramps are made from all wood and screw construction. There is no plastic or cardboard used on any of our products. These steps and ramps are unique pieces of wooden furniture.

Paw prints are free but do not come standard.
Exact carpet colors are not guaranteed.
Choose your favorite color to match your decor. You can choose almost any color you would like.
Carpet colors are limited to neutral tans or grays.

Due to the custom nature hand built process of our products, please allow 3-4 weeks before en route shipping.
This item is custom made to order and is not eligible for return/exchange . 

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