Dog Crate Cover in Rocketman Print

Dog Crate Cover in Rocketman Print


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$54.00 to $143.00


Dog Crate Cover in Rocketman. With the molly mutt crate cover, you'll have a crate that matches your lifestyle & your living room! durable, washable, and pre-shrunk, molly mutt crate covers are 100% cotton, with a door panel closure that can be rolled down, or kept open with snaps. Wish to match a molly mutt duvet with your crate cover? a small size duvet matches both small and medium crate covers. a medium/large size duvet matches the big size crate cover!

Small (24" x 18" x 21")

  • Medium (30 x 21 x 24 )
  • Big (36 x 24 x 27 )
  • Huge (42" x 28" x 31")
  • Gigantic (48" x 30" x 33"- fits over most standard 48-inch crates.)
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