Dog Leash With Car Seat Belt


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Three colors available-RED, BLUE, BLACK.


Imagine the freedom to go on a road trip cross-country, take vacations, adventure, explore, and more without fearing for your pet’s safety! Keep your best buddy safely and comfortably at your side in the car, buckled up in the car! No more need to pay a pet sitter! Walk and drive safely! No need to fear accidents!

Main Features:

  • KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE! BUCKLE UP: The seat belt clip is hidden under a padded Velcro sealed protector. When not in use, the car seat belt clip remains out of sight. Don’t worry about any unsightly additions to your leash!
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Can be adjusted up to 41.5" (105cm) for a full sized leash or easily buckle into the back seat for a safety lead .This pet leash and seat-belt duo features a quick release metal clasp for easy use and fits most pet collars and harness.
  • HIGH QUALITY! ADJUSTABLE NYLON STRAP - Will keep your furry friend safely bucked on the back seat. Quality tested chew resistant dog leash made of a padded extra durable nylon strap. Will withstand scratches, bites and tough pulls
  • EASY CARE: Tangle and water resistant, it is also easy to clean. You can use this multipurpose pet care tool to take your dog on walks or for a drive.

NOTE: For best results use with a body harness and make sure your pet is securely fastened. 

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