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Dog Safety Vest Harness

Dog Safety Vest Harness


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Dog Safety Vest Harness. We've researched numerous products in the market and this Canine Auto Safety Harness, in our opinion, is by far the easiest to use and offers the best overall features, strength, and durability. Material: lightly padded soft lining on vest, comfortable for any dog.

The tensile strength of the High-Tenacity Nylon webbing used in this product is rated at 2500 lbs. The Steel (Nickel) hardware used has a similar rating. A Pet Safety Restraint for your Canine will help: Prevent Driver Distraction, Protect Passengers from Injury, and Reduce Injury to Pet.

Note: It may also be a law in your state.

Sizes are adjustable in order to ensure your pets comfort and to be sure it conforms to you dogs specific bodily proportions.

Product fits most breeds between 10 and 185 lbs.

Our Safety Vest can also be used as a front end walking harness without making any modifications. Just attach your dog leash and go. This product is Guaranteed to be compatible with your vehicle.

Disclaimer: It is very difficult to know exactly what happens to a dog in a vehicle crash since the testing tools available in the industry are very limited. In our opinion, a dog that is harnessed reduces that chance of the pet being injured by hitting other objects or occupants in the vehicle. It should also protect a dog from injuries associated with sudden stops and starts.

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