Dog Treat Pouch With Built-In Poop Bag Dispenser


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Dog Treat Pouch With Built-In Poop Bag Dispenser. This waterproof dog walking treat pouch holder bag has been specially designed to fit all dog lover needs, rather your training your pet for a big competition or going out for a great walk around a park this pouch gives you the space you need to carry your pets favorite toys and fresh treats it comes with 2 different straps one removable 48'' adjustable waistband and removable shoulder strap, also with its 2 convenient d-rings to easily carry what you need to take for your walk. Bonus - Collapsible dog bowl size 13 x 5cm that holds as much as 16 fluid ounces of refreshing water or up to 2 cups of dog food.Thats not all you get a training clicker that easily fits in your hand to be able to train your pet for any occasion that can easily be carried around with the easy to use flexible wrist strap. Poop-Bag Compartment Dispenser. With this great integrated poop bag dispenser located at the back of the dog treat pouch, you can easily grab a bag for your poop pick ups. We have added a free roll of bags to this great bonus. Satisfaction awaits you due to its: -Simple to use & Easy to Clean -Great multiple storage compartments -Multiple bonus items to add on your great walks -Easily store large, medium, or small personal items to take on your walks -Great Gift idea for pet lovers -3 different ways to wear.

  • Main drawstring compartment securely holds in a convenient amount of pet toys, personal accessories, and much more. Easily store your roll of poop bags in the built-in dispenser for quick access when you need it and thats not all, with the zipper compartment and the strong mesh pouch you will have no troubles taking all you need for your great walk with your pet.
  • Made with lightweight high quality nylon capable of withstanding adverse outdoor conditions while keeping all your precious items safe for you fun walk with your pet.
  • This great dog treat pouch is not all you will get, we have included a Dog Retractable bowl size 13 x 5cm, Pet Training Clicker, & 1 Roll of Poop Bags all for a great price. The perfect gift for a pet lover.
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