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Dual Strap Sling Dog Carrier Pink & Silver

Dual Strap Sling Carrier Pink & Silver


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The Dual Strap Sling Dog Carrier in Puppy Pink, provides Pet Parents with the convenience of being hands free and hands on – as their PupSize® dogs are cradled in absolute comfort. This lightweight, ultra-comfy, multi-functional Sling Dog Carrier is the must-have accessory for pet moms, pet dads and tiny wet noses. Carrying and keeping your pup by your side has never been this easy, manageable or stylish. The patent pending dual strap design with “Pamper Pocket” is perfectly sized for PupSize® dogs, weighing 8 lbs. or less, and is the practical solution for that extra pair of hands every pet parent needs.

Designed with overlapping panels to create useful pockets and head resting notches on every side of the pouch. The pouch provides ample storage for all of your belongings and shaped to comfortably swaddle the most curious little, nosey noses.

Two adjustable straps allow for easy loading & unloading and allows the sling to be worn in 4 different positions; Cross body right or left, front facing “kangaroo” style, over the shoulder and while seated. This innovative design also allows the wearer to sit comfortably with their dog in their lap, for feedings, during travel or those much needed cat naps. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners to fuss with and the 2” inch wide, adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit for pet moms and pet dads, of all sizes. It is amazingly comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Unlike any other Sling Dog Carrier, the unique “Pamper Pocket” sleeve runs along the bottom of the entire pouch. Hands can be inserted from either side, to make lifting, supporting and cuddling pup physically easier and allowing you a way to emotionally calm, connect and comfort them.

Proudly made in the USA, The Dual Strap Sling Dog Carrier in our custom made, lightweight, yummy soft cotton has been pre-washed, pre-shrunk are Machine washable. Finished with hardware in Silver and tone on tone embroidery – this classic, gender neutral sling is sure to become a timeless staple for pet moms and pet dads. Its unique, quality construction makes it foldable, rollable and is packaged in its own handy carrying case.

Size: For pets up to 8 lbs.

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