Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Waterer

Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Waterer


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Turn the water bowl into a self-replenishing oasis for your pal with the Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Waterer. This gravity waterer brings instant hydration to your pet by automatically refilling the reservoir after he drinks-making sure he doesn't go thirsty, even when you're out and about! The water bottle on top features an extra-wide opening for easy cleaning and refilling, while the base features easy-to-lift cutout handles so you can move it around to a different spot in your home. It's perfect for everyday use-and for cats and dogs of all ages. It's ideal for busy pet parents and homes with multiple pets because it provides access to fresh water anytime. This gravity waterer comes in a neutral gray that's compatible with every home décor style, and it's available in a variety of sizes so you can choose the one that fits your needs. Plus, the clear water bottle is made of 100% recyclable materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


This waterer uses the power of gravity to automatically refill your pet's water bowl when it gets low. It's a stress-free way to provide a constant supply of water for dogs and cats alike.

  • Made of durable plastic for everyday use; water bottle is made from 100% recyclable PET plastic.
  • Water bottle has an extra-wide opening, which makes for easy cleaning as well as fast refills.
  • Easy-grab cutout handles on the base make this waterer easy to lift and move around when needed.
  • Neutral gray color matches with any décor, allowing this waterer to fit into any home seamlessly.
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