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Fundle Sling Dog Carrier Minky Pink

Fundle Sling Dog Carrier Minky Pink


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The Fundle Pet Sling Dog Carrier has a thoughtful design and special features. The head cushion is tailored to the needs of pets. It replicates the softness and cushion of mom's arm by filling the inside with extra soft cotton. The petting pocket is a patented feature which allows the dog to feel her owner's warmth when situations dictate that the sling's cover be closed. The pet sling has lots of storage space and can hold everything from a water bottle to wallet and cell phone so there is no need to carry a separate bag. The inner lining of the pet sling has been finished with soft cotton for the comfort of your pet. The streamlined floor design takes into account the dog's body type and leads the dog to be comfortably seated. The floor is soft and slightly sloped to induce pets NOT to stand and comfortably rest their jaws, supported as though being held, while allowing them to see what is going on around them. The pet sling is lightweight but the wide shoulder strap is cushioned and adjustable and is created to distribute the weight evenly over the body. There is a safety strap inside to attach to your pet's harness. The cover is made of half mesh in case it needs to be closed. The cover is opened and closed with a zipper. The carrier is so versatile that it can be used on both the left or right shoulder. Hand washing is recommended.

Materials: Cotton 100%

Standard: 0-11 lbs.
Large: 11-18 lbs.

Due to strict health regulations this item ca

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