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K-9 Koolee Pet Cooling Tent Bed

K-9 Koolee Pet Cooling Pet Tent Bed

$140.00 Regular Price
$126.00Sale Price

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$126.00 to $146.00 / 2 Sizes


The K-9 Koolee pet tent bed was designed and developed by a lifetime dog-lover with dog owners and their pets in mind. The K-9 Koolee will allow dog owners to bring their pets along with the peace of mind that they are protected from the elements. Ideal For The Beach, Poolside, Picnics, Parks, And May Become Your Pet's Favorite Indoor Lounger! Available in 2 sizes: Small/Medium - (dogs up to 55 lbs) Large - (dogs 55 lbs to 125 lbs) The B Core Polymer Cooling System is a proprietary combination of non-toxic scientifically engineered parts, all of which have significance in achieving the ideal cooling power and comfort for your pet. The B Core Polymer Cooling System was designed over countless hours of bench testing and field testing to achieve the longest cooling power while maintaining a desirable weight for ease of transport. The functionality and design of the B Core Polymer Cooling System are a result of trial and error, in addition to seeking out the finest materials available for optimal performance. The Blue Outer Pouch Enclosure is a breathable fabric material designed to allow the cooling power of the B Core Polymer Cooling Pouches to emit through the bed and to the dog. The Pouch Enclosures are machine washable and highly durable for hours and hours of use. They are easily removed and replaced with strategically positioned velcro that has been hand-stitched for perfect alignment every time! The Clear Inner Pouch Enclosure is thick plastic sleeve designed to hold the B Core Polymer Cooling Pouches and prevent evaporation of water. The double zip lock sealing mechanism allows for ease of filling the Pouch Enclosure with water and provides and unbreakable seal. The Blue B Core Polymer Cooling Pouches are made from a breathable fabric material and contain the magic ingredient, the B Core Polymer. The B Core Polymer is a non-toxic hyperabsorbable polymer that comes packaged inside of the B Core Polymer Cooling Pouches in a dry, lyophilised state. Upon introduction of an aqueous solution (water), the B Core Polymer will absorb the water and expand to its full, hydrated state. The B Core Polymer has the propensity to maintain its temperature over an extended period of time, so introducing the product to a cold environment (the refrigerator) will allow it to cool to the desired temperature. It is not recommended to freeze the B Core Polymer, as it will become hard. However, it will not hurt the polymer and will provide much longer cooling power.

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