Le Bol Dog Bowl Siene Blue

Le Bol Dog Bowl Siene Blue


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Le Bols Dog Bowl Siene Blue. Le Bols are not only gorgeous, but they are also extremely durable. Created in the style of famous French cookware, these stainless steel bowls have a brightly colored ceramic-like interior. The glazed overstain effect highlights the ribbed walls and embossed paw at the bottom. The integrated rubber base makes them skid and noise-free. And of course, they are top-rack dishwasher safe.

- Dishwasher safe - Skid-free. 
- Low noise. 
- Extremely durable. 
- Cleans easily. 
- Spill Preventing. 
- Rubber base. 


XSmall: 1 cup of water or food
Small: 1.5 cups of water or food
Medium: 3.25 cups of water or food
Large: 6.5 cups of water or food

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