LED Rechargeable Dog Safety Collar

LED Rechargeable Dog Safety Collar


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LED Rechargeable Dog Safety Collar.  Make walking your dog at night or in low light safer and more fun with our rechargeable collar necklace illuminated by bright LEDs. It's made of flexible polymer and can be recharged for hours of evening exercise. Entire collar lights up a full 360 degrees, making your dog clearly visible from all angles. If you have multiple dogs, select a different color on each necklace for easy identification. You can also choose a flowing, color-blending pattern that's as fun as it is functional. It's easy to get a great fit for any sized dog. Simply cut the necklace to fit. Size range: 12"-27". Weather resistant. Recharge using a micro USB (cable not included). Battery run time: 5.5 hours. Recharges in approximately 1.5 hours. Imported.

  • Make your dog more visible during nighttime walks
  • Great for camping and outdoor adventures
  • Bright LED illumination
  • Select different colors to identify multiple dogs
  • Rechargeable
  • Weather resistant
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