Luxurious Plush Dog Blanket Red Snowflake

Luxurious Plush Dog Blanket Red Snowflake


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$24.00 to $156.00


The epitome of posh, these blankets provide a cloud of comfort for pets. Proudly made in the USA, we use the most luxurious fabrics for the ultimate cuddle experience. 

Blanket Sizing:

  • Carrier Blanket- 15"x15"- has no ruffle
  • Itty Bitty Blanket- 20" x 20"- has no ruffle
  • Big Baby Blanket- 24" x 24" -has no ruffle
  • Half Blanket- 30" x 36"- has ruffle
  • Full Blanket- 36" x 60"- has ruffle
  • Jumbo Blanket- 60" x 72"-has ruffle
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