Mimi Green Collins Geometric Dog Collar Raspberry

Mimi Green Collins Geometric Dog Collar Raspberry


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$39.00 to $56.00 / Matching Leash Available


Mimi Green Collins Geometric Dog Collar Raspberry. Great for boys or girl dogs, this dog collar is super versatile and beautiful! It utilizes large gauge D-Rings so you can rest assured your pooch is secure on his or her lead. It’s made of washable nylon webbing so you can keep your pup’s specialty dog collar in pristine condition. It’s made in the USA. It’s built to last—we use tough nylon webbing that can withstand over 3,100 pounds of pressure.


Collar Sizing:
X-Small: 6"-10" x 5/8" Wide
Small: 9"-12" x 1" Wide
9"-12" x 5/8" Wide
Medium: 12"-15" x 1" Wide
Medium: 12"-21" x 5/8" Wide
Large: 18"-22" x 1" Wide
X-Large: 22"-25" Wide x 1" Wide.
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