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Naturally Cooling Dog Food Bowl Pink

Naturally Cooling Dog Bowl Pink


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Naturally Cooling Dog Bowl Pink. Whether your four-legged pal is a playful Dalmatian or a feisty Chihuahua, as a pet parent you want him or her be happy and healthy, right? These dog bowls make the pet eat around the shape inside the bowl slowing the process. This prevents over-eating and indigestion issues. The chewing phase is also prolonged which increases saliva production which is good for dental hygiene. Soak the pet bowl in water for 60 seconds to activate the natural cooling effect that will last several hours. This keeps the water clean and cool for your pet's enjoyment. These pet bowls are constructed entirely from food-safe ceramics, both LFGB and FDA tested so your little friend is in good hands. They're heavy enough that they won't get pushed around and make messes, and they're dishwasher safe for cleaning ease. Make your pet's bowl their very own with chalk. The outside ceramic is coated in chalkboard style material so you can make your own designs. Write your pet's name or create adorable designs to make the bowls unique and fun. The matching dog water bowl and treat jar are also available.

Size: 5.25"

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