Pandaloon Bunny Dog Costume

Pandaloon Bunny Dog Costume


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$39.00 to $44.00


Pandaloon Bunny Dog Costume. This adorable costume will have everyone doing a double it a pup or a bunny? This full length hilarious hoodie costume is made with soft plush fabric and features reinforced feet as well as Velcro and drawstrings to give your dog the perfect fit. Your pup will be able to walk around in this costume with ease and have everyone laughing. The model Lemonpom, a 9.5 lb. Pomeranian that measures 13 inches tall, is wearing a size 1. These costumes are designed in San Diego and were featured on the TV show Shark Tank.



1: Fits most pets 13-14 in. tall (including head) | Girth under 16 in.

2: Fits most pets 15-16 in. tall (including head) | Girth under 16 in.

3: Fits most pets 17-19 in. tall (including head) | Girth under 20 in.

4: Fits most pets 20-23 in. tall (including head) | Girth under 24 in.

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