Paw Cross Pet Memorial Pet Necklace

Paw Cross Memorial Pet Necklace


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Whether they live at your side or in your heart, the Paw Cross Memorial Pet Necklace allows you to capture the memories of your beloved dog or cat and keep them close to your heart.


A small compartment within each necklace allows you to add:

A pinch of pet cremation ashes a tuft of pet fur whiskers
Beach of a favorite dog vacation
Catnip from your cat's favorite toy
Soil from your dog's favorite trail

Each stainless steel necklace includes a 19-inch stainless steel chain as well as a small funnel for adding your memories to the necklace and instructions for sealing cremation jewelry.

Mirror back perfect for engraving by your local jeweler.
Sold in our recyclable PawZaar gift box, made in the USA with 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content.
Every gift includes a card featuring the photo of a shelter pet whose care your purchase helped to sponsor!

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