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Paw Patrol Chase Pet Costume Blue

Paw Patrol Chase Pet Costume


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$34.99 to $39.99


Paw Patrol Chase Pet Costume Blue. Chase is a good dog! He follows the rules and he helps everyone else follow the rules too. How about your pup? Does he sit when you ask him to sit? Does he stay when you tell him to stay? Does he operate the police truck winch when it's time to save the day? Well, okay, so maybe your pooch has a few more commands to learn before he can be as awesome as Chase, but maybe this Paw Patrol Chase Pet Costume will help inspire your puppy to be a law-abiding canine!


Based on the hit animated show, this Pat Patrol Costume comes with everything your doggie needs to become Chase, the Police Pup. The costume comes with a bright blue shirt that fits over your dog's head and comes complete with some police stripes on the shoulder. It also comes with a badge-style dog tag at the neck. The matching blue hat helps your puppy look like a real police pooch and the pup pack fits on your dog's back to finish off the look!

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