Pet Parents Washable Dog Sanitary Pants


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Pet Parents washable doggie diapers were designed and created after our founder had to unfortunately put down his beloved childhood pup, Blondie. Blondie, his 15 year old yellow lab, had begun to suffer from incontinence. Our founder went to the vet to ask for solutions and was saddend to hear , the vet suggest one single option; to put her down. This of course broke Blake’s heart, but because it was his only option from an expert, Blake said his goodbyes and Blondie joined doggie heaven.

  • 3 WASHABLE DOG DIAPERS IN 3 COLORS PER PACKAGE - One each of GREY, RUST, and BLACK. These washable doggy diapers are more economical and environmentally friendly than the disposable dog diapers.
  • MALE & FEMALE DOG DIAPERS- Easy-to-use diaper wrap for dogs. Useful for untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, and dogs that suffer from excitement urination or incontinence.
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE DIAPERS FOR DOGS- To increase your dog’s comfort and acceptance our diaper wraps have no "crinkly" or uncomfortable texture that causes many dogs to dislike the ordinary disposable diapers. Velcro closures are quick and easy to secure and won't stick to your pet’s fur.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT DOGGIE DIAPERS - The diaper pad is sewn into the diaper and has a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks and damage to rugs, carpets, upholstered chairs and sofas.
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