Pet Rover Premium Dog Stroller Navy

Pet Rover Premium Dog Stroller Navy


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Pet Rover Premium Dog Stroller Navy. This dog stroller is user-friendly, has a spacious interior and solid construction. The roomy, expandable internal compartment has two safety belts! Great for small dogs, older or injured animals. The plush interior keeps your pet comfortable while seeing the sights as if they were walking right beside you.

You can change the size of the internal compartment so that it can hold different sized pets. The spacious compartment can accommodate a single medium or large pet or several smaller pets. The innovative no-zip canopy features easy-locking and quick release latches. The automotive-grade no-flat airless rubber rear tires reduce vibration. It also has 360-degree rotating front wheels and a front/rear braking system.

The breathable top canvas is weather-resistant and UV-reflective. The carrier interior is scratch-resistant and the fabric repels dirt and water. The padding for the compartment is machine-washable. The lightweight frame with oval construction using stainless steel tubes makes it extremely durable. The reversible handlebar lets you view your pets from different perspectives. 

Stroller: 33" L x 26" W x 42" W
Folded Stroller: 13" L x 26" W x 37" W
Compartment Floor: 15" - 30" L x 18" W
Max Capacity: 75 lbs.

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