Powder Blue Brocade Bow Tie Pet Collar

Powder Blue Brocade Bow Tie Dog Collar


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A powder blue and gold brocade bow tie dog collar is adorned with crystals and pearls. The fabric comes from France. The pet bow slides to any position on the collar and can be placed in the front, side, or back of the neck. The hardware consists of a logo-engraved stainless steel buckle. There is a D-ring for a leash and a slider for adjustment. The medium size is also designed to fit women and children. A matching set can be worn together with your beloved pet, creating the most joyful memories and making it an ideal gift. Spot clean. Handmade in NYC.

Small: 3/8" x 5-11" (for pets up to 24 lbs.)
Medium: 5/8" x 10-19" (for pets up to 75 lbs.)

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