Ruffles and Fluff Porcelain Dog Bowl


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$73.00 to $113.00 / Personalization Available


Ruffles and Fluff Porcelain Dog Bowl. Custom Pottery Dog Bowl. No two bowls are exactly alike. Each piece is hand made in the USA. Each dog bowl is hand thrown from the finest white porcelain china, hand-drawn, hand-painted, bisque fired for 16 hours, glazed with three hand brushed applications and finish fired for 8 more hours. All bowls are dishwasher safe, microwavable, food safe and non-toxic. Personalization is available at no extra charge. If you prefer not to personalize your bowl, just leave the field blank.

Small (6" x 2" Deep - holds 24 oz.)
Large (8" x 2.5" Deep - holds 36 oz.)
Grande (10" x 3" Deep - holds 48 oz.)

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