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Shaya Susan Black Dog Leash

Shaya Susan Black Dog Leash


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$88.00 to $95.00 / Short or Long


Our Susan leash connects you and your best furry friend in style - without compromising on comfort or safety. Made with a strong acrylic handle that emulates modern fashion accessories and our signature water and scratch-resistant leather. With a hidden loop in the back to attach our Clean Up Purse - it's the perfect mix of convenient and chic. Your walks have never been so fashionable. Hand stitched, edge painted, and assembled. Made in Italy. Water and scratch-resistant byproduct leather. Acrylic handle.


  • Ethically Made by Hand in Italy 
  • Water & Scratch Resistant Italian Leather 
  • Hidden Loop Attachment for a Clean Up Purse
  • Chic and Durable Acrylic Handle with Tortoise Pattern


Short Leash: 36" Length with 3.8" handle
Long Leash: 47" Length  with 4.8" handle

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