Snuggery Wave Fur and Velvet Burrow Pet Bed

Snuggery Burrow Wave Fur and Velvet Pet Bed


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$33.99 to $37.99


The FurHaven™ Snuggery bed is perfect for furry snugglebugs of all shapes and sizes! The best quality dog beds, or cat beds, are designed by FurHaven and are called a Snuggery! Snuggerys are constructed to let your dog or cat burrow and snuggle into the bed, with the top part of the bed functioning as a soft, shapeable, blanket. The plastic hoop helps your pet get under the soft hood but does not stay up so that your pet will stay covered and cozy!


The bed is fully lined in super soft plush faux fur and provides a pleasant retreat for your pet’s privacy, warmth, and comfort! With three different mattress options, you can choose the foam to best promote your dog or cat’s ideal posture and joint health. A good nap or night’s sleep is easy to get on a Snuggery, in fact, it’s so comfortable, you might just find a lot more room in your own bed when you sleep! The cover is zippered and removable for easy care washing.

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