Sporting Yellow Lab Decorative Needlepoint Pillow

Sporting Yellow Lab Needlepoint Pillow


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Sporting Yellow lab is a favorite breed of Dog. She is historical and beautiful, with her deep golden yellow coat. NCU741 Sporting Yellow Labs lovely profile sits upon a cream field surrounded by sporting ducks and grass and is outlined in a green band. NCU741 Sporting Yellow Lab is a companion pillow to NCU740 Sporting Black Lab, and NCU742 Sporting Chocolate Lab. Nice additions to the Dog/Field series are NCU743 Gus, NCU744 Boomer, and NCU745 Jake.


When you buy a Michaelian Home accent piece, whether it be a rug, pillow, or travel bag, you�re standing by tradition, and investing in quality and style. All pillows come with a poly insert. You can upgrade to Down Stuffer as a luxurious alternative.

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