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Star Of David Dog ID Tag Charm

Star Of David Dog ID Tag Charm


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Star Of David Dog ID Tag Charm. Can be used as a dog collar charm or add personalization to use as a dog id tag. Both sizes can have up to 3 lines of text. If you do not need the third line, leave it blank. If you don't need any personalization, you can leave all three lines blank.

Small (3/4"): 
Line 1 - 8 characters
Line 2 - 8 characters
Line 3 - 8 characters

Large (1");
Line 1 - 10 characters
Line 2 - 10 characters
Line 3 - 10 characters

Example: (We suggest not filling each line to the max)
Line 1 - Name
Line 2 - (Area Code)
Line 3 - Phone Number

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