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Step In Glow In The Dark Dog Harness

Step In Glitter Glow In The Dark Dog Harness


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$32.00 to $35.00 / 7 Sizes


The Plush Step In Glitter Glow In The Dark Dog Harness is a gentle lead harness designed to eliminate stress on the neck by distributing pressure across your dog's chest and shoulders. Thanks to the Step In design coupled with the double Velcro buckle closure the harness is super easy to put on. GLOWS IN THE DARK after being exposed to light. Patented Button-like Quick Release Buckle. Adjustable with durable Velcro Closure. High-Quality Material.

- Alloy lightweight D-rings to attach a leash
- No Choke Step In Design
- Visible Reflecting Strip around leg holes for safety
- A calming effect to comfort your dog
- Washable (lingerie bag)
- 5 Fashionable colors to choose from
- Super Comfortable and Easy to wear

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