Sun and Surf Dog Hair Bow Pink

Sun and Surf Dog Hair Bow Pink


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Sun and Surf Dog Hair Bow Pink. A fun day at the beach with some great sunglasses! . Approximately 2” wide; stiffened for extended wear; ribbon 7/8”.

Attachment options:
1. Latex Bands; for experienced users, i.e. groomers. They are easy to use, but if your dog doesn’t sit still a clip will be easier for you to use.


2.The French Clip is easy to open and for dogs that have thick hair or already have a band in their hair (i.e. Shih Tzu or Poodle).


3. No-Slip French Clips are easy to open; an added piece of Velcro prevents the clip from slipping off the straighter hair

Available Styles :
Latex Bands

French Clip

No-Slip French Clip

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