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The Flagship Dog Leash

The Flagship Dog Collar


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Our premium dog leashes feature bright, vibrant colors that are an extension of your own personal style. Crafted with a heavy-duty, yet coat and skin safe polyester webbing and neoprene lining around the handle for extra comfort. They’re perfect for pet owners and four-legged friends who live active indoor and outdoor lifestyles.

  • Length: 5 feet long, 3/4" wide
  • Navy Blue Neoprene Lining for Extra Comfort
  • Flexible, Polyester Webbing Fabric
  • Two-Sided Pattern With Colorful Square and Rectangular Pattern On One Side and Colorful Neptune Tridents On The Reverse Side
  • Heavy-Duty D-Ring Attachment For Your Poop Bag Holder


  • Our leashes are designed specifically for comfort without sacrificing style.
  • The leash is 5 feet long, which we’ve seen is the perfect length to let your dog roam and sniff while making sure they don’t get into anything they’re not supposed to. 
  • Each leash features a neoprene lining in the handle to provide extra comfort for your hands if your pup is a puller when you go for a walk. 
  • The lightweight, breathable design also dries quickly if you go for a rainy walk!
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