Tiny Owl Handknit Dog Sweater

Tiny Owl Handknit Dog Sweater


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More colors / Available with or without hood


These haute couture dog sweaters are individually custom made to order so they will fit perfectly 100% of the time. All designs are limited edition and are not mass-produced. For pets up to 17" in length. Please measure your pet very carefully and input the exact measurements for neck, chest girth (widest part), and back length, to ensure a perfect fit. An opening for the leash ring is available. Please measure how many inches from the base of the neck you want it. Otherwise, leave it blank.

For lengths over 17", please email us at info@bitchnewyork.com for a quote.

- Handknitted - 75% Merino wool.
- Buttons for easy fitting.
- Hand wash, lay flat for drying.
- It can be made with or without a hood.
- It can be made with or without front legs.
- A hole at the neck for the leash is available.
- Coverage adjusted for male or female.

Colors: Off White, Black, Light Brown, Lilac, Bordeaux Red, Emerald Green

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