Trax Dog ID Tag

Trax Dog ID Tag


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Trax Dog ID Tag. Don't let your pooch get lost without a dog id tag! Keep them safe and stylish with a hand-stamped pet id tag. They'll be the envy of four-legged friends everywhere! These tags don't have to be just for dogs! Use them as a keychain to label your house keys, car keys, studio keys, etc.

Pure and simple: a circle tag with a name and number plus a rustic texture. Add an embellishment in the center if you like. The tag is hung on two sturdy split rings, ready to attach to your big dog’s collar. High-tolerance zinc-plated steel split rings that are made in the USA are used, so your dog’s tag will withstand the rowdiest playtimes. Sizes: 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5".

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