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Urban Goose Down Padded Dog Vest Blue

Urban Goose Down Padded Dog Vest Blue


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Puppy Angel Original Luxury Sports Padded Vest Blue.

  • From S to 7XL, wide size range.
  • Outdoor casual styled padded vest.
  • New technology for dog winter jacket named "Faux Down Jacket" - FDJ.
  • Filled with microfibar faux goose down feel lining inside.
  • Anti-Bacteria and Eco-Friendly filling lining.
  • FDJ support warm and light weight system for dog winter jumper.
  • Outer is Puppy Angel light weight high quality fabric used at high quality outdoor brand like NORTHFACE.
  • Puppy Angel Zipup Lead Hole System, PZLS system.
  • Perfect warming by big and folding collar part for winter with string and stopper.
  • Protect wind and cold by fashion colored zipper on front.
  • Best fit for belly part with string.
  • Warmer, more functional, practical and high quality new sport Puppy Angel Padded Vest than CT169.
  • Perfect solution for dogs living outside a house for winter.
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