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Woof & Paw Dog Poop Scooper. Cleaning up your pet's waste is a dirty job and we want to make it cleaner! Rake and bin style pooper scoopers are the best at picking up waste on a variety of surfaces and the most sanitary as they allow you to collect your pet's waste without any contact. Our telescoping handles can be extended to 40", allowing even the tallest pet owners to scoop without bending over or straining backs. Our Rake and Bin Pooper Scooper is made of quality aluminum and stainless components, unlike plastic scoopers that just don't last. Make the job easier on yourself with Woof & Paw!


  • NO MORE SORE BACKS! No more straining or bending over with Woof & Paw's telescoping stainless handles. They are fully adjustable to any height up to 40", and also shorten for compact storage or travel. A clip attachment conveniently holds the two handles together.
  • SANITARY. Dealing with dog waste should be a non-contact job, and our bin and rake set will keep your hands clean during pickup and disposal.
  • DURABLE. Our bin and rake set is made of sturdy aluminum and stainless parts, there are no flimsy plastic jaws or claws. We stand behind our product, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL. Our rake and bin not only makes pick-up easy, but is easy on the environment as well, eliminating the need to use countless plastic bags!
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