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Dog Bathrobe Pearl

Dog Bathrobe Pearl


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Pearl Dog Bathrobe, the romantic color defines a fascinating dog bathrobe for female dogs, a must-have robe for the utmost care of your four-legged friend, dedicated to all lovers of animals and luxury objects. Excellent after a relaxing, comfortable and warm bath during winter, in the welcoming and intimate atmosphere of the house, before any other treatment, enjoying a soft cuddle. Perfect after a walk outside on a rainy day, just like after a fun dip in the pool or on any other occasion in order to give a quick dry to her hair.

Pearl Bathrobe is a dog robe made in pale pearl cotton terry bordered with lilac and pearl-grey contrast ribbon. An easy to wear accessory, very practical to wrap your dog in a cozy embrace at the end of a pleasant bath. Its ergonomic design allows excellent and fast drying. An elegant, glamorous and modern garment, to distinguish your dog even within the walls of housewives, an element designed for those lovers of the details. Handcrafted in Italy.

Small: approx. 11.8" long
Medium: approx. 17.7" long
Large: approx. 21.6" long

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