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Infrared Big Dog Bed

Infrared Big Dog Bed


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$399.99 to $499.99 / Gray or Chocolate


The first and only dog bed that has FDA medical device certification. Infrared beds for dogs have been shown to have advantageous effects in treating joint and shoulder stiffness, muscle pain, arthritis and similar conditions as it treats the whole body and not just a specific symptom.


Using your dog's body as its power source, Bully Beds infrared ion advanced ceramic coated fibers reflects far infrared ray (FIR) emissions that are naturally emitted by body heat back to the skin. The FIR dilates blood vessels, which temporarily increases blood circulation and enhances tissue oxygen levels. These infrared emissions are then absorbed deep into the tissue, providing increased energy, recovery time and reduction of discomfort.


Finally, the fabric reflects the FIR, allowing heat to escape, which moderates sleep temperature and keeps the bed from sleeping hot.Our infrared beds help improve blood circulation by stimulating blood vessels, which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the cell to areas with soft tissues.

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