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Kibble Katcher Dog Bowl and Stand

Kibble Katcher


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Good for your dog. Good for your home. Tired of dodging puddles of water and crushed kibble tracked through your home? So were we! Discover the pet feeding solution that will change how you feed your dog. Dog bowls and feeding stand in one.


Collection System:

The Kibble Katcher is designed to allow escaped water and kibble to slide down into separate Katcher Trays. Dry food stays dry and won't become a breeding ground for harmful aflatoxins


Spill Proof Water Bowl:

You won't have to worry about floors warping or becoming discolored by standing water that your dog has spilled, thanks to the uniuqe "Floating Disc" designed into the water bowl.


Pet Health:

Does your dog gulp his or her water like they're trying to drain the Atlantic? The water disc slows them down, preventing your dog swallowing excess water or air. Elevated bowls help with digestion and for older dogs, arthritic joints.


Easy Cleaning:

With a quick swipe and the run of a dishwasher cycle, your Kibble Katcher is clean and ready to serve up your dog's next meal.

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