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Magnesite Healing Dog Collar Charm Pawmulet

Magnesite Healing Dog Collar Charm Pawmulet


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$43.00 to $65.00 / Silver Plate or Sterling Silver


Magnesite Healing Dog Collar Charm Pawmulet. Gemstones and crystals are not only a beautiful piece of pet jewelry, they bring powerful "New Age" healing properties that influence and balance your pet's chakras. Each healing dog collar charm is handcrafted with semiprecious gems. A silver lobster clasp attaches to the pet’s collar ring and is accompanied with a split ring to accommodate any size collar ring. This charm consists of a Magnesite gemstone bead encased in silver plated wire with copper core which aids any pet ailment. It is secured with a star spacer and tiny silver beads.

Magnesite -a fascinating "brain like" white with brown streaks of chalky and marbled. It stimulates metabolism and reduces fat and cholesterol. Magnesite contains a high level of magnesium and aids its absorption in the body It detoxifies and neutralizes body odor, acts as an antispasmodic and muscle relaxant, and treats stomach, intestinal, and vascular cramps and the pain from gallbladder and kidney stones. Magnesite treats bone and teeth disorders and prevents epilepsy, slows blood clotting, speeds up fat metabolism and disperses cholesterol, preventing arteriosclerosis and angina. It is a useful preventative for heart disease. It balances body temperature, lessening fevers and chills.

Assists with:

• Bringing a calming effect to the emotions
• Promoting tolerance for emotional stress
• Supporting pets who are nervous and fearful 
• Overcoming irritability and intolerance

Style: Silver Plate Findings, Sterling Silver Findings

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