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Moonstone Healing Dog Collar Charm

Moonstone Healing Dog Collar Charm


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$43.00 to $65.00 / Sterling Silver or Silver Plate


Moonstone Healing Dog Collar Charm. Gemstones and crystals are not only a beautiful piece of pet jewelry, they bring powerful "New Age" healing properties that influence and balance your pet's chakras. Each healing dog collar charm is handcrafted with semiprecious gems. A silver lobster clasp attaches to the pet’s collar ring and is accompanied with a split ring to accommodate any size collar ring. This charm consists of a genuine Moonstone bead encased in silver plated wire with copper core which aids any pet ailment. It is secured with a star spacer and tiny silver beads.

Moonstone carries lunar energy and helps to balance emotional upsets. Moonstone has a gentle energy that helps to ease stresses and feelings of anxiousness. Moonstone has been called the stone of "new beginnings." It helps to calm over-reactions. The stone is filled with receptive passive energy which helps to alleviate negative attributes (like a bad temper or aggressive behavior).

Moonstone helps your pet to deal with stress and emotional instability. It provides your friend with deep emotional healing. Helps with digestion and hyperactivity issues, soothes and relaxes during the birthing process.

Style: Silver Plate Findings, Sterling Silver Findings

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