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Jeanne Chinn Rescue Me Canvas Tote Carrier Pink

Jeanne Chinn Rescue Me Canvas Tote Carrier Pink


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$202.00 to $223.00


Driven by her desire to create casual couture bags with a cause, Jeanne Chinn, designed and manufactured the bags herself. For every Rescue Me tote dog carrier sold, Jeanne donates a portion of the profits to worthy animal charities. 

Each Rescue Me Tote is a work of art; handcrafted with attention to detail. As seen in Runway Magazine, Rescue Me totes are a must have for all pet lovers. Its the first and only bag with our signature golden purse paws and snap out linings.

Everyone needs at least one good multi purpose tote. The Rescue Me tote serves as an every day carry all, diaper bag, gym bag, and even has a leash clip in case your miniature pup (up to 15 lbs.) wants to ride in style. 

Every Rescue Me tote comes with two versatile bag interiors. Don't feel like leopard? Lining soiled? Just snap it out and snap in your second lining. (Dry clean or spot clean recommended). Custom embroidery of your name, your dog's name, a fun saying, inside a thought bubble (or alone) can be added to your bag.

  • 100% cotton canvas shell.
  • Dimensions: 10" high x 9" deep x 16" long.
  • Strap: 24"long, 1 1/2"wide, 10" drop.
  • Leash clip built into both linings should you choose to carry a small dog inside.
  • Leash clip size: 1 3/4". Strap length: 8 1/2". Strap width: 3/4".
  • Includes 1 micro mink snap out lining (1/2" diameter gold snaps) and one flat cotton signature lining. (Utility patent pending). Dry clean/spot clean recommended.
  • One removable, signature lined support board to place at bottom of bag underneath lining.
  • 4 quality gold paw purse feet (design patent pending).
  • Padded, non-slip, dual shoulder straps.
  • Satin stitched chihuahua applique.
  • Jeweled pet collar on the chihuahua applique.
  • Hanging pocket on interior back wall. Measures: 6 1/2" high x 9 1/2" wide.
  • Key ring/binky holder. Attached by snap.
  • Featuring detailed contrast stitching.
  • Black canvas wrapped piping accent the edges of the tote.
  • Optional custom support cushion adds more structure and strength to the bottomof your carry all tote. The cushion rests at the bottom of the bag (under the snap out liner andon top of our signature support board).

Make your bag even more fabulous by adding your pet's name, your name, or a short saying. Personalizing your pet bag is a fabulous way to show your loved one you care! Have fun with it!

Due to strict health regulations this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.



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