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Waterproof Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Waterproof Faux Fur Throw Blanket

$165.00 Regular Price
$119.99Sale Price

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$119.99 to $159.99 / Many Colors & Pirints


Getting the bed or blanket wet is a common problem in older dogs or even pups. Our
waterproof throw blanket is designed to go perfectly with any home decor or dog bed.
For extra large dogs, our extra large faux fur blankets are prudent investments as they last longer and give the dog a lifetime of bedding use.


The waterproof cover means that the inside will not absorb a damp doggy smell, no fleas will fester and lay eggs, house dust mites are unable to live in it and the dog has a dry, insulating resting place.

All of our blankets, bed covers and liners are machine washable.


Our waterproof throw blankets are a perfect addition to your home decor or dog's bed. Protect your couches, car seats, beds and anything else from dog hair, drool or accidents. Made from super soft and snuggly faux fur, you and your dog will love the feel and comfort of these blankets.

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